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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, information technology is no longer an isolated function. When businesses are adapting to change, responding to opportunities, and implementing corporate strategies, the challenge is in leveraging technology to reach your business objectives, while conserving your internal IT resources and budgets. The solution: Zaszou.

With over two decades of experience in successfully developing, launching and managing IT initiatives for enterprises representing diverse industries, Zaszou delivers the power of technology to achieve your business goals. We will help you extend your technology expertise while conserving your IT resources, allowing you to drive efficiencies, control costs, take advantage of opportunities and improve processes across your enterprise. Bottom line: We make IT work.

The right technology solution, implemented by the right technology experts, is a powerful business asset. Zaszou offers the expertise and experience to help you harness technology to drive efficiencies, improve business processes, increase agility, reduce costs, manage change, support growth, and protect your profits.

We serve as an extension of your IT department, augmenting your internal expertise while allowing you to focus your resources where they are needed most or by providing expertise where it is missing in your organization. Beyond our proficiency with business technology, we offer a keen understanding of business strategy. We ensure that every recommendation we make, every solution we implement, and every project we manage supports your business objectives.

Turning Your Technology Challenge Into Business Opportunity.

How Zaszou Gets IT Done.

We know technology

That includes new and emerging technologies. We know how to match your requirements to solutions, where to find those solutions, and how to determine which options will work best for you.

Enterprise-wide expertise

From corporate, financial, HR and payroll, to operations and sales — we’ve developed, implemented, and managed systems across the enterprise and across multiple industries.

Proficient project management

We’ve been managing successful IT projects of all sizes and scope for over twenty years — and honing our proven methodology in the process. We’ll do the same for you.

Speaking your language

We make technology and its bottom-line benefits accessible, understandable and achievable. Our goal is to simplify the complex, to understand your objectives and to deliver practical solutions with clear business advantages.


Our technology experts collaborate and integrate with your business and IT teams, adapting to your culture and environment. Teamwork and cooperation go a long way to supporting the success of your initiative.

Protecting your budget

Leveraging our experience in financial systems and initiatives, we keep IT budgets under control. In fact, more often than not, we complete projects under budget.

We work fast

When you need IT done now, you need a partner who is nimble, resourceful and ready to respond. At Zaszou, we deliver your technology solutions at the speed of business.

Jeanne Amano

Jeanne Amano has over 30 years of IT experience and has led Zaszou’s multidisciplinary team of IT consultants since its inception in 2000. Her team has delivered a wide range of business and IT solutions to create competitive advantages for clients. Zaszou clients include major motion picture and television studios, hospitals, Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Jeanne’s vision for Zaszou is to attract the best and the brightest consultants to create high-performing teams that deliver just the right solution for each client.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is an expert in systems implementation and delivery with over twenty years of successful experience. Before joining Zaszou, LLC, Jennifer was the Vice President of Global Client Services for Counterpoint Systems and Executive in Charge of the US office. She created consistency across product lines and fostered unity across the global client services teams in London and Los Angeles, establishing standard methods, processes and procedures to ensure efficient, high quality, and consistent delivery across the client base.

We’ve Done IT For Them.

We’ll do IT for you. Zaszou has built our company by meeting the technology needs and challenges of clients representing a range of sizes and industries — including major motion picture studios, Fortune 500s, and entrepreneurial start-ups. In the process, we’ve continued to grow our business on the referrals of repeat clients who have come to rely on our expert team as an extension of their own. We welcome the opportunity to turn your technology challenges into opportunities as well.

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